Circular Carbon Energy for a cooler world

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Circular Carbon Energy

for a cooler world

We're on a mission to replace high-pollutants with cleaner energy solutions for a sustainable future. 



Renewable Electricity

Upcycled CO2

Circular Carbon Energy

Liquid Wind facilities will utilise renewable electricity and upcycle waste CO2, to produce renewable liquid energy,

e-methanol. Replacing high-polluting fuels and feedstock with a cost effective and readily adoptable, climate neutral alternative. 

Looking to reduce your Company’s climate impact?

We’d love to discuss your needs and how we can support your transition to renewable alternatives, to reduce your company's climate impact and meet your sustainability goals.

We are always on the look out for passionate investors, partners or fellow co-climate solvers, it would be great to hear from you and discuss how we can work together.

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Liquid Wind

Leveraging our diverse expertise, we manage the entire value chain to realise commercial scale, renewable methanol facilities globally; to harness waste carbon and displace fossil fuels for a sustainable future. 


Manage development, engineering, permitting  and financing of e-methanol facilities.

Commercial Scale

Develop the world's first production scale renewable methanol facility, in Sweden. 

Grid Services

Provide valuable services to support the energy grid, such as power balancing and frequency control.

Rapid Scalability


Hone and optimise standardised model to quickly and efficiently build facilities globally.

Renewable energy

The EU has committed to zero carbon emissions by 2045. To achieve this and to start reducing the level of CO2 in our atmosphere, we need to make significant changes to the status quo, and invest in and rapidly adopt more sustainable options.

A key part of the solution is ensuring access to viable and easy to adopt climate-neutral alternatives to displace high pollutants. 


By utilising and integrating innovative technology from world class partners, Liquid Wind will capture waste carbon dioxide and combine this with hydrogen, made from renewable electricity and water, converting this to a renewable methanol, e-methanol, which can easily be used and adopted as liquid fuel or chemical feedstock providing a climate neutral solution.

Benefits of e-methanol



Upcycling waste; 

reducing CO2 

and other particulates released into the atmosphere.

Easy to


 Direct substitute 

for traditional methanol fuel and feedstock. Modifications needed to non-methanol burning ICEs.

Easy to


Liquid fuel, easy to handle and transport.  Compatible with existing infrastructure.


Price Point

Focus on efficiency and scale to ensure competitive price. 



Enables long-term storage of large volumes of renewable electricity. 

For every 1MT of fossil fuel we replace, we stop 4MT of new CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, the equivalent of taking one car off the road for a year.

The Market

 We will initially focus within Scandinavia on;​​

Land Freight

Shipping Freight

Chemical Industry

Our Team

We are a passionate team, working hard to rapidly bring e-methanol to market to reduce our carbon emissions. 

Our Consortium

We are working with a world-class Consortium to create FlagshipONE, our first e-methanol production facility.